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MOT testing and servicing for classes 4, 5 and 7 vehicles in Balsall Heath

Virtually all road legal vehicles require an MOT test to be conducted (and successfully passed!) annually when they exceed 3 years of age. This is to ensure your vehicle is safe to be on the road. During an MOT test, our DVSA trained technicians will check various aspects of your vehicle, from the operation of all external lights and signals to the effectiveness of your brakes. Engine emissions are checked, alongside checks of all the other major components of your vehicles, such as the suspension, tyres and exhaust.

You can potentially save money by booking a service at the same time as your MOT test. This allows our experienced technicians to identify and address any potential problem areas on your vehicle that may result in it failing its MOT test. We will never carry out unnecessary work and always check with you prior to undertaking any repairs or work for which you may be charged. If you do not require a service, we’re happy to undertake standalone MOT testing.

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Van and car servicing

Oil and filter changes to major main dealer level 2-year servicing

Birmingham Auto Centre Ltd offers 3 main levels of servicing, soservicing1 whatever mileage you cover, we have the correct service option for you. Regular servicing is the ultimate way to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Service schedules are designed to maximise the life of all the major components of your car. Regular oil changes reduce general wear and tear on the internal parts of your engine, maintaining fuel efficiency and prolonging your engine’s lifespan.

Interim service (twice a year, or around every 6,000 miles)

An interim service consists of changing the engine oil and oil filter in your engine, along with basic checks of all the major components of your engine. We’ll check fluid levels, such as antifreeze, and top up them up if needed. Your engine will be checked for signs of any leaks; we’ll check the suspension, brakes and exhaust, and advise you if we find any potential problems.

Full service (annually or around every 12,000 miles)

A full service includes all the checks and work undertaken in an interim service, alongside changing items such as your air filter, checking and topping up power steering, alongside detailed checks of all the major parts of your vehicle. We’ll scan your engine management system for fault codes, reset your vehicle service light if needed and give you a ‘full service’ stamp in your service book.

Major service (every 2 years or around every 24,000 miles)

Alongside all the checks and work conducted in a full service, every aspect of your vehicle is checked over in detail. All gaiters, hinges and locks are greased or lubricated and your pollen filter will be changed. Your battery and alternator will be tested; we even check the boiling point of your brake fluid to work out if it needs changing.

A full breakdown of all our service options can be found on the bookings page.

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