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The hardest-working component in any vehicle with a manual transmission engine is the clutch. The clutch is the part of your engine which is responsible for engaging and disengaging the power transmission. If you are the owner of a car with a manual transmission, you know the experience of dropping the clutch at the perfect moment can’t compare to driving a car with automatic transmission, but the amount of gear shifting that you must do will eventually wear down the clutch as the parts are in constant friction with each other. This constant friction eventually wears down the high friction material that covers the clutch plate and if the clutch isn’t serviced regularly then it can lead to costly repairs. We provide several services for various types of clutch concerns. You can call us directly or use our online booking tool to book an appointment even when we are shut.

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What does the clutch do?

The clutch, put simply, connects the engine speed to the speed of the wheels. When you push the clutch pedal down it disconnects the engine you do this every time you stop to allow the engine to keep going while the wheels stop. To get back into gear when the clutch pedal is lifted is achieved by using the friction between the clutch plate and the flywheel to match the engine speed and the wheel speed. This friction can cause issues when you use the clutch incorrectly when driving and can cause expensive repair costs. If you want a team of highly experienced Clutch Service Technicians then Book Today using our Booking Tool located on this page to get an instant quote!

What should I look out for if I believe my clutch is going out?

You know your car better than anyone, so if your clutch feels different in anyway, trust your instincts and have your car checked. Common symptoms of clutch trouble include being hard to put into gear or difficulty in pushing in the clutch pedal. If your engine revs but the car doesn’t move, this may be a sign of the clutch slipping. Clutch chatter can cause a vibration or stutter when the clutch is released, most usually when starting from a complete stop. If you are noticing any changes or if you have any concerns regarding your clutch, you can arrange a diagnoses appointment with us so we can have a look at the clutch and diagnose the issue.